Michelle the Motivator! After years of trying to get fit, lose weight, feel better about myself, it’s all coming together. At 60 years old!

Michelle will tailor a program to the individual’s needs and is flexible in that sense, but is determined to help you towards a healthy lifestyle.

I have more energy, a shape and enjoy trying on clothes now! If you need a push in the right direction, Michelle is the Motivator!

Lindsay J. Brown


Once upon a time, my wedding was quickly approaching. I searched high and low and finally came to find Miss Fit, aka Michelle with some serious butt-kicking fitness goals.

While I’m great at setting goals, I’m even better and finding excuses to avoid any and all cardio and strength training; a trainer was necessary if I wanted to look my best on the big day. An excuse buster, a hilarious motivator, and a true partner, Michelle has definitely taken me further than I ever thought possible.

Skinny jeans resurrected from the depths of my closet, an overall feeling of true strength and a better awareness of what I put in my body are just some of the side effects of MissFit’s addition to my life. I would never have reached this point without Michelle, and I am living proof that she is all she claims to be and much, much more!

You can struggle in an attempt to reach your fitness and health goals on your own, maybe come up with some pretty creative excuses along the way or, you can reach your goals with Michelle, and live happily ever after!

All the best,
Adrienne Korzack