Pre / Post Natal

Congratulations! You’re either pregnant or you’ve just had a baby, and would like to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every new mom should always get clearance from her doctor before beginning any fitness plan. All pre natal clients are asked to fill out a PARmed-X for Pregnancy. This form is to be completed with the aid of your health care provider. This information provides background and direction for each pre natal client and her pursuit of fitness. Together with this knowledge we can help you achieve a fit and healthy pregnancy.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, you and your baby can benefit from a healthy fitness routine. Exercise during pregnancy helps to improve circulation, reduce fatigue, and extra weight gain, as well as helping ward off gestational diabetes. There are also benefits to baby, such as increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

After your baby is born and you are once again cleared for exercise, it is beneficial to have a trainer who is certified in this area assist you with your return to fitness. It is important to understand that though you are not pregnant there are still many physical and hormonal changes in your body. The right trainer will help guide you through this and put you on the path to your pre-baby body!