Missfit has been in the Toronto fitness industry for over 20 years and has over 13 years of personal training experience to bring to the table. Constant research and education keeps Missfit current on techniques and tools of the trade. Through years of working with a wide range of individuals, different obstacles have presented themselves. Many clients have been pleased to experience the patience, knowledge, and creative thinking used to overcome their various challenges. Each client brings with them a new perspective which Missfit must investigate and explore; they challenge us to keep discovering new solutions. Clients of Missfit appreciate the many benefits that come with personal training.

Perhaps the most important is the emphasis on life balance. Fitness and physical health are a key component to overall satisfaction in life; what we need to remember is all components need to fit together in order for there to be balance.

Missfit’s mission statement is this: Exercise is for everyone and we will work with you to make this a reality. Achieving your personal capacity for optimal health is what matters most to us. Our goal is to educate and motivate as many people as we can to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Missfit wants you to live your best life the best way we know how: with a healthy body!

Certifications & Course Study

March 2011 Family Passages: Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification Part 1
February 2010 FMA & GEM Certification
May 2008 Can-Fit-Pro: Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist Certification
March 2008 Twist Bosu Integrated Balance Trainer Certification
July 2007 Twist Conditioning Sports Movement Specialist Course Level 1
April 2005 East to West Yoga: Yoga Exercise Specialist Certificate Course
March 2005 Fitness Kickboxing Canada: Basic Instructor Course
April 2004 CPTN: Certified Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist
May 2003 CPTN: Functional Anatomy Course
March 2000 Can-Fit-Pro: Personal Trainer Specialist Certification

Conferences & Workshops

March 2011 Twist: TRX workshop
July 2006 K-Bell Workshop Level 1
August 2005-2001 Can-Fit-Pro Annual Fitness Conference (3 days)
April 2002 Reebok University: Reebok Resolution Day

* Bi Annual CPR Basic Rescuer Re-certification